New York University (NYU);
CESifo (Center for Economic Studies and Ifo Institute)

The author of "Digital currencies: Beyond Bitcoin",
"Can We Predict the Winner
in a Market with Network Effects? Competition in Cryptocurrency Market", "Economics of Private Digital Currency", "Central Bank Digital Currencies"
Limited Partner, Pantera Capital
(a $100M ICO-only fund), cofounder at Evercoin,
ICO Governance Foundation

Invested in FileCoin, Brave, CIVIC, Propy and Lyft. As chief Evangelist for the Java Language and Platform he participated in the first wave of the Internet, and is now fully engaged in the crypto-fueled Internet of value. Master's in Neuroscience from Yale
Partner at BakerHostetler, Founder of Comptegrity
Carol Van Cleef leads a multidisciplinary team representing numerous clients in digital currency launches, ICOs and token-generating events, operating cryptocurrency exchanges and implementing blockchain technology strategies in new and existing businesses.

Partner at Ridge, Crypto Investor and Founder, 4x Entrepreneur, 100x Angel, 5x Unicorns
Gil Penchina is a serial entrepreneur and prolific angel investor. He is a co-founder of Fastly, Board member at Vouch Financial. He was CEO of Wikia, now a top 50 website, pre-IPO team at eBay, worked at General Electric, Bain & Co. and started two technology companies.

Founder & Managing Partner at Governing Dynamics, Founder at Celsius Foundation
Israeli-American tech entrepreneur with 30+ patents, $1B+ in raised funds and $3B+
in exit deals. With the Celsius Foundation is building a new Blockchain Platform that enables a new set of financial services to the underserved global population
Fellow at PIIE, ex Executive Director at IMF, ex Head of financial stability at Swiss National Bank and head of committee at the Bank for International Settlements
The author of works on blockchain on the financial sector, financial stability, and central banking, optimal design of bond auctions, demand for central bank money, and collateral requirements for OTC derivatives clearing
Founder of LAToken,
Founder at Zalogo, Managing Partner at Avega capital, Director of Founder Institute
LAToken reached top-5
by total market cap at initial token sale and #1 among asset tokenization platforms. Organized 200+ meetups on blockchain and interdisciplinary research -, for 2000+ entrepreneurs
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy,
Politics and Economics
Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Author of "The Theory of Monetary Institutions", "Free Banking in Britain", and "Competition and Currency". Editor of "The History of Gold and Silver", "The Crisis in American Banking", "African Finance: Research and Reform", and "Free Banking"
Managing Partner and
Co-Founder at The ICO Governance Foundation

20+yrs experience, Stanford GSB /CPA, 3 Exits, 2 IPOs (NASDAQ and LSE). 1st employee, CFO and Board Member at BitFury. Co-Founder at JV with Morgan Stanley/MCP PE. Head of Compliance at Trimble Navigation (NASDAQ). PWC
Associate Founder
at Singularity University
Advisor, Facebook
Founder, Chairman
at Cambrian Genomics

25+ years in innovation, entrepreneurship & patents.
As a venture strategist Reese has engaged in a dozen company's innovation, start up, financing, development, IPO, boards, mergers and acquisitions.
VC at Blockchange Ventures and Beanstalk Ventures
Caroline invests in early stage blockchain companies, protocols and applications, software powering retail or eCommerce. Caroline is a Co-Founder at Dialogue Projects, that helps funding mental health organization
Jeanensis Capital Markets,
ex US Federal Reserve,
advisor, LAToken
Former Compliance Advisor Asset Backed Securities, US Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan, Panelist, Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. White House Business Council Advisory Member, The Aspen Institute, MBA Temple University.
Professor at Texas A&M University, ex Senior Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo
Expert in theoretical and practical aspects of cryptography and information security, distributed computing, consensus problems, cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols.
Hirschmann index 40+
Award-winning journalist
Author of "How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance", the most comprehensive narrative yet written of the rise and fall and rise of this disruptive technology
Director of Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University. Adjunct Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs
Jason is a 2000 winner of the International Joseph A Schumpeter Prize, has published over 60 articles and six books. Editor of Journal of Institutional Economics,
and Innovation: Management, Practice and Policy. Hirschmann index 30+
Board Member at Blockchain Compliance Alliance
Executive with extensive experience executing transformations for both large blue chips and nimble start-ups. Investing, advising, and connecting in blockchain and initial coin offerings. Advising on the blockchain industry compliance standard.
Executive Director, Center
for Blockchain Technologies at UCL, LAToken advisor
Paolo is a leading researcher on blockchain economy, author of such papers as "DebtRank: Too Central to Fail? Financial Networks, the FED and Systemic Risk", "Managing Risk under the Blockchain Paradigm" and others
Professor of Computer Science at New York University
Author of the textbook "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies", 50+ publications including "On Bitcoin as a public randomness source", "Escrow protocols for cryptocurrencies: How to buy physical goods using Bitcoin" and "Can Unicorns Help Users Compare Crypto Key Fingerprints?"
CEO, Corinthian Partners Investment Bank,
advisor at LAToken

Former Senior Vice President Lehman Brothers
Mentor at the IBM SmartCamp.
Guest Lecturer at Baruch College- China Business Summit, Lecturer, City University of New York

Vice Chairman at Rivetz,
Founder at WatershipBlue Inc,
advisor at LAToken

Pioneer hedge fund investor focused on the cyber security aspects of digital currency and the blockchain. Former Executive Chairman at AirPatrol, Member Board of Advisors, Merriman Capital Member, Chicago Board of Trade
Managing Partner at GVA Capital,
CEO at HACK Temple,
Business Angel of the Year 2012

Investor in AI, blockchain, self-driving tech, includin Blockchain Programmatic Corporation (BPC), Luminar Technologies, Storj. Helping entrepreneurs succeed on a global scale through the smart approach to VC investments, business development, ICO and networking
Counsel at Reed Smith
Legal professional with substantial blockchain and digital currency regulatory and transaction expertise in US, UK and EU commodities law and regulation
Venture Capitalist,
CEO & Managing Partner,
Aphaea Capital, Wharton Alumni

Leading investments in real estate, blockchain and cryptocurrency ICO. 17 years of combined experience in entrepreneurship, investment, strategy, business development, pricing, M&A and corporate finance with firms such as McKinsey, Adobe, Deutsche Bank, and Google
Founder and Managing Partner at FuturePerfect Ventures
Venture capitalist. Investor in blockchain technology since 2013. 20+ years in digital media, enterprise software,broadband infrastructure, healthcare IT, edtech, mobile & Internet
Ex Managing Director at The Clearing House, ex Federal Reserve Bank, Chakra Advisors
20+ years of experience in research and analysis for strategic decisions making on financial innovation. Advising senior leaders at financial institutions, central banks, and FinTech companies. 40+ publications in academic and industry journals
Co-Founder, Carneros Bay, Founder at HEDG
Payments, FinTech, and financial services entreprenur and professional. Mentor at Venture For America, Queen City Fintech and Code for good. ex. JP Morgan Chase
CEO and Founder of, EIS INC.,,
John is one of the first Certified Bitcoin Professionals in the world registered with C4 Crypto Currency Certification Consortium. Expert in the areas of Blockchain and Marketing.
Co-Founder of Blockchain Investors Consortium, Founder at KrowdMentor
Brad is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor. Started and raised to maturityseveral companies over the past 20 years. 10+ successful equity crowdfunding campaigns, which received over $80 million
Blogger at BiteSizeBitcoin
Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Angel Investor and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.
Creator of TheBitcoin.Pub social network.

Chairman of LDJ Capital,
a family office

Victoria Partners, LDJ Real Estate Group, Drake Hospitality Group, The Soho Loft Media Group. David previously represented the US Commerce Department at the EU and he spoke at the UK Parliament.
Venture Partner at Denny Hill Capital, Technical Evangelist for RChain
Lawrence is an blockchain entrepreneur and evangelist. With RChain builds scalable blockchain company building networks capable of 40,000 transactions per second (raised $10mn). Board Advisor to multiple technology companies, including CoinBeyond, Ottemo
Blogger at Ivan on Tech
Ivan is a blockchain educator, software developer, and data scientist. Ivan's Youtube channel Ivan on Tech is a truly global phenomenon spreading knowledge about the blockchain technology to hundreds of thousands of viewers all over the world.
Executive vice president Transform Group
Bitcoin entrepreneur, podcast host. senior marketing and management roles at bitcoin firms AlphaPoint, Lazzerbee, MonetaGo, and Tradehill, as well as the International Ripple Business Association. She has been an advisor to BitcoinShop, Chamber of Digital Commerce, and the Lifeboat Foundation
Co-Founder, CEO at Pactum, contributing editor to CoinDesk
Daniel is an entrepreneur who helps stakeholders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry manage risk with derivatives. He is also a video blogger and contributing editor to CoinDesk.
Founder at Iterative Capital
Chris is founder and partner of a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation and alternative asset management firm. Author of "Introducing Ethereum and Solidity", published by Springer (Apress)
Partner at Private Key Capital Management
Alternative asset manager that seeks to provide institutional investors broad exposure to cryptocurrency assets. 20 years experience developing, designing and delivering complex software solutions with a focus on electronic exchanges, high-frequency trading, cryptocurrency exchanges, and proprietary trading groups. Advisor at Factom, a leading blockchain company providing third-party compliance, audit and due diligence certainty
Co-Founder, Managing Partner at Starta Ventures
Entrepreneur, economist, and investor in startups. Katya is a published author of books on marketing,business and entrepreneurship. Forbes and other magazines contributor.
Managing Partner at Doyle Capital Management. Bitcoin Expert at
Co-Author, "Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond". Owner
at GEM Research Solutions
Venture Partner at White Star Capital, co-Founder at ICON Partners
With White Star Capital helps entrepreneurs build great technology companies. Being present in Europe and North America invests and supports global expansion. With ICON develops an end to end ICO solution focusing on strategic decisions resulting in successful token launches.
Chairman Communications Working Group, Crypto Valley Association
Provides communications and messaging advisory for complex thought leadership and content marketing campaigns as well as token launches. Current clients include ConsenSys, Ambrosus, Bussmann Advisory and UBS, among others. Deeply involved in the blockchain scene in Crypto Valley.
Portfolio Manager & Head of Research at Full Node Capital, founder at CSquare
NYC-based investment manager, launching its first crypto-asset investment. With CSquared helped clients adress potential impacto of Blockchain and FinTech, provided strategic advisory, marketing analysis and business case development to clients for companies.
Principal at Alphae Capital,
ex MD Rubicon Capital Group, Founder at Operant.AI, MaRS Fintech Cluster Advisor, Mavencare, LeapPay, Homesav

Tech entrepreneur and business builder with 10+ years of experience driving growth at companies, general management, product development, data analytics & strategy, marketing, sales, business development and leading and building teams.
Founding President at Celsius Foundation, Managing Partner at Governing Dynamics
Invests and scales Israel's best growth companies. Business and social entrepreneur with a proven track record of growing early stage companies and building organizations from the ground up. Co-founded and led multiple companies and not-for-profit organizations.
Partner at CoinFund,
Vice President, American Capital

Blockchain technology and cryptoasset investmentor, researcher and advisor. With CoinFund leads investments and advising clients on product, blockchain-based business models, token economics and structuring.
Entrepreneur - Founder & CEO, CRYPTO20 - Crypto Index Fund. Co-Founder, DataProphet
Serial entrepreneur with substantial practical experience in the start-up, technology & social networking development sectors. Runs tokenized cryptocurrency index fund
Blockchain YouTuber (Boxmining)
Michael is a Blockchain YouTuber and educator. His YouTube channel, "Boxmining", has over 70,000 subscribers and with more than 5 Million views. He has played a major role in bringing the international spotlight to various Chinese projects.
Chief of Staff and General Counsel for Pennington Partners & Co.
Marc founded Jaclise, a boutique advisory firm to help highly successful entrepreneurs, families, family offices, merchant family groups and privately held businesses around the world meet the strategic goals and aspirations
Advanced e-Financial Technologies, Inc. (AeFT)

AeFT incubates many blockchain based fintech ventures such as WeCoOwn (WCO), WePropertyOwners (WePo) and WeHomeOwners (WeHo), etc. Ralph is an investment banker and the champion of the securitized Farjho home equity sharing co-ownership program which he developed back in 2009 and Farjao for artworks in early 2015.
CEO at Coinsilium,
Co-founder at Block Chain Space
Pioneer Investor in blockchain and bitcoin startups since 2013. Nominated among the top 3 'Most Influential Investors of the Year' at Blockchain Awards 2014. Advisor to blockchain & digital currency companies
MD QuantaVerse,
Anti Financial Crime Leader
CTO and Founding Partner at Mimir Blockchain Solutions
Editor In Chief, ICO CROWD
Founder & CEO BlockchainLab, Advisor at LAToken. Worlds first publication for the ICO industry.
CEO at Mimir Blockchain Solutions, ex Ethereum
Managing Director, Evolve Capital Partners Inc.
Founder at Stronghold,
Action factory, ex 500 Startups

Board Of Directors,
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Founder, Nuco, AION
Co-founder HOQU,
Co-founder IBCG
Founder & Co-CEO at Sirin Labs
Managing Director, Venture/science
Co-Founder at Pennington Partners & Co, Co-Founder at SaaS Ventures, ex Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley
CEO/CoFounder at Shopin, Entrepreneur. 4x founder, 2 exits
Managing Director, LAToken,
BEF organizing committee
Partner at Datrixo, Founder at Healthi, Advisor at Spheris, CREDITS
CTO at Madhive inc and Company Advisor, Token Advisor at StormX, Inc.
Founder and CEO, YouNow and PROPS by YouNow
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consultant
CIO, ‎Asymmetric Return Capital
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